Studio 1 for Drama

It has a large studio “floor” with different acoustic areas to simulate outside or inside locations. The acoustics can be altered by means of screens and curtains, and our “tardis” allows a genuine door or window sound to be generated wherever and whenever we need it!

The Control Room of Studio 1 is large, allowing the technical team to create all the sounds required for a drama production. Up to four people may be needed in here during recording, and there’s ample room for guests to see what we do.  As well as the audio mixing desk and various recording systems, we have a sound effects library on CD and computer.

Studio 1 for Music

Studio 1 offers excellent acoustic space for music recording and our state of the art operating system, located in the control room, can support a total of 128 tracks. Solo singers, Groups, Choirs. String Quartets, and Bands have all used the facility recently. So if you would like to hear how you sound when professionally recorded simply email for further information. Making that CD (or even a single track) couldn’t be easier.

Studio 2

STUDIO 2 is smaller and is designed in a similar way to many local radio studios where the presenter can talk and operate the equipment at the same time. This studio also has suitable acoustic treatment and is capable of broadcasting “live” by a special audio link system.

The Green Room is where guests are entertained in pleasant surroundings and our actors and voices can relax and practice their lines.

Hire of Studio
 For full details of Studio Hire costs
simply email:

Commission are on the
lookout for new volunteers
to help with writing,
engineering and drama.
Full training will be given.

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