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Venue52 is the youth music show from Commission Radio. It is a weekly 1-hour radio show playing Christian pop/rock music with a mixture of names you’ll be familiar with and independent bands we think you need introduced to along with features & interviews with musicians and even some people who don’t have much to do with music but are making a difference by doing some good - more commonly known as our Random Internet Thing Of The Week.

The show is available for free syndication to radio stations and is available in 4 segments to download each week. If you would be interested in airing the show you can have a listen on mixcloud on the link below and get in touch for more info

Alternatively, if you’re interested in music radio and would be interested in becoming involved or have an idea of your own you would like to put into production, get in touch and arrange a time to come down and see around.

Or, if you’re just looking for somewhere to find some new music, you can stay up to date with all that’s happening on Facebook, Twitter & tumblr

Commission are on the
lookout for new volunteers
to help with writing,
engineering and drama.
Full training will be given.

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